31 days of preparedness

From the CDC’s Public Health matters blog:

30 days of activities to be more prepared!

  1. Make an emergency kit for your car
    1. blanket, flashlight, batteries, first aid, non-perishable foods
  2. Always keep your gas tank half full
  3. Learn how to change a tire
  4. Establish an evacuation plan for your house
  5. Put together a first aid kit in your house
  6. Stock up on water (bottles, jugs)
  7. Stock up on food (nonperishable/doesn’t require cooking)
  8. Copy important papers
  9. Write down important phone numbers
  10. Make a list of your prescriptions
  11. Check your flashlights and radios
  12. Check your smoke detectors
  13. Create a meeting place outside your home (put it in your evacuation plan from day 4!)
  14. Find out what emergencies are more likely in your area
  15. Find a place in your home to “shelter in place”
  16. Test your emergency plan with your family
  17. Stock up on batteries for your equipment
  18. Create an emergency kit for work
  19. Know how to evacuate your work  place
  20. Notify co-workers of medical conditions (like diabetes or asthma)
  21. Learn what different weather warnings mean
  22. Learn what to do after an emergency
  23. Learn how to use a generator
  24. Find out where your local Red Cross shelter is
  25. Don’t forget about your pets (food,water, toys,  shelter for them)
  26. Make a “bug out bag”
  27. Learn CPR
  28. Wash your hands often
  29. Keep sanitation supplies in your emergency kit
  30. Keep a sleeping bag near your emergency kit