Original Proposal for Raised Garden Beds

King's Community Garden

King’s Community Garden

Partnership assistance funds are requested to create a small community garden. The funds will be used to purchase raised beds, dirt, mulch, compost, tools, seed, string, burlap coverings and other gardening necessities.

A community gardening project is a very desirable initiative for the King’s Community. This project assures that fresh produce will be available to King’s students, staff and the great London community. The produce will be harvested and used in three different ways; to sell to King’s at a Bi-Annual Fundraiser and Farmer’s Market, take home with dedicated volunteers and surplus will be given to local food banks.

The students and community members are not able to do this project on their own due to the unavailability of permanent farm-able land, a reliable and close water source and the initial capital to start a garden. Given a plot of land secure from pollution and a source…

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