Maggie Monday: Churkey Chili

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Once again Maggie, author of the Pony Mama blog joins us today. When I first started working for Maggie we worked in a complex of two high-rise residence halls. As part of the orientation process, the fire department came to talk to us about alarms, extinguishers and evacuation procedures. In order to show how the building’s alarm system worked they looked for a volunteer to pull the alarm. Maggie quickly spoke up that as the daughter of a fire fighter she had never gotten to pull an alarm. When she did you could tell it was truly forbidden fruit. And now…..Maggie! 

Between growing up with a firefighter father and working in colleges for the past 26 years, I’ve had a lot of chili in my life.  Dad would often try out “engine house” recipes on us. And I’ve been to more tailgates and chili-cooks offs for work than I can ever count. So, I’ve had to perfect a…

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