Zesty Thai Basil and Kale

GROW O'ahu

Sometimes when I’m walking through the grocery store (though it is a whole lot less often these days) I stop to read processed food labels.  I admit, there is still a part of me that is so drawn to the convenience of it all.  And I see other parents, toddlers in tow, carts piled high with boxed dinners, and I think, what the hell is wrong with me?  They are nice, normal, families who have many of the same struggles I do and they are eating this stuff.  What could be so bad?

So, I re-read labels.  The same ones I’ve read a dozen times, just to make sure the shit is still there so I steer clear.  Fake sugars; led me to chronic headaches.  Red #40; possible link to ADHD in children.  Corn/soy oil; probably GMO with unknown long term health effects.  Fake flavors I can’t pronounce; it’s just…

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