As we perused the morning headlines, we came across an article about “Yo-yo dieting and it’s effects” It’s said not to worry about your long-term weight loss efforts.
At first glance, yo-yo dieting sounded like some new fad: is there some crazy cabbage soup involved? alternating carbs and protein weekly? eating only non-processed food like a caveman/woman would? is it a workout for just your arms? can you only eat fruit on the 3rd tuesday of every month?!

A brief description of what yo yo dieting is from Wikipedia.

“The reasons for yo-yo dieting are varied but often include embarking upon a hypocaloric diet that was initially too extreme. At first the dieter may experience elation at the thought of loss and pride of their rejection of food. Over time, however, the limits imposed by such extreme diets cause effects such as depression or fatigue that make the diet impossible to sustain. Ultimately, the dieter reverts to their old eating habits, now with the added emotional effects of failing to lose weight by restrictive diet. Such an emotional state leads many people to eating more than they would have before dieting, causing them to rapidly regain weight.”


So no, it’s not some crazy fad diet, but the weight loss/weight gain from extreme diets. Good news is, that it doesn’t hurt your future efforts of losing weight, so don’t let that discourage you and remember that healthy eating and working out is the healthiest way to lose weight.