25 Ways to fit in fitness! IN JUST 10 MINUTES!!!!!


Time is something EVERYONE needs more of so it makes sense that you can’t always find time to go to the gym or go for a walk. This especially accounts for: moms, dads, students, working 2-partime jobs, working 1 full time job, working 3 jobs, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, EVERYONE.

By the time you wakeup-go-to-work-come-home-make-dinner-run-errands-pay-bills-clea-the-house-do-laundry¬† it’s time to go to bed (if you’re lucky) and start it all over again. In that laundry list of things to do, you didn’t read working out or relaxing at all.

This article from Prevention Magazine lists 25 things can you squeeze into your day to add up those minutes of workout. You may not be able to dedicate a full hour to workup a sweat, but all these smaller things count and add up!