Follow-up on: Policy – Wal Mart and Humana to reward healthy food purchases

Yesterday we posted an article about the role of government and food policy.

Recap: Mayor Bloomberg and the “sugary drink ban”

There is an obesity epidemic, something that we as a county need to get a handle on, but is banning/limitation the answer? There seems to be  mixed feelings about it, but generally most people don’t want government telling them what to do.  It’ll be interesting to see if these policies have any effect. While other state’s have not jumped on this bandwagon, it looks like it will be a “wait and see” sort of game.


Regardless of how you feel about it, here’s a step in the right direction: Wal Mart, Humana’s plan to reward healthy purchases. One of the largest barriers to healthy eating is cost and if there can be an incentive to get people to eat healthier, lowering it, is one. The article lists a handful of healthier products, but goes on to state packaged goods.

So on the flipside, while certain healthier foods are lower in cost, if shoppers don’t know what is healthy, will this go overlooked? As well as, if those packaged foods consist of sodium-rich foods or high-calorie meals, we may not see a change. (This is just playing devil’s advocate though).

If there was a healthy eating education component, it’d be preferred, but this is a great start.