Great idea! It seems as if many companies are following suit after the law passed in NY. A new trend maybe? Company-consumer accountability?

Health & Family

Major soda makers, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple Group, will start displaying calorie counts on vending machines and encourage consumers to make lower-calorie choices, starting in 2013.

The beverage industry initiative, called the Calories Count Vending program, will launch first in municipal buildings in Chicago and San Antonio, where government employees are participating in a “wellness challenge” to see who can make greater improvements in their health (as measured by factors like weight loss and lower blood pressure). The winning city gets a $5 million grant from the American Beverage Association.

Soda companies said they planned to roll out the program nationwide in 2013 in an effort to curb the nation’s obesity epidemic. The initiative is the industry’s latest move to counter growing criticism of sugary beverages as a major cause of obesity in the U.S. and to fend off cities’ efforts to reduce consumption.


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