It’s cold outside! Tips on working out when it’s cold.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the first real frost. I had to scrape my windshields because of my lack of planning and not turning my car on earlier this morning before work. I hate the cold. I hate the cold because it’s 1) hard to get out of bed in the morning 2) hard to stay motivated 3) you get maybe 6 hours of great sunshine during the day, maybe…and the rest of the time it’s dark and gloomy.
To top it off, if it’s cold out and there’s no snow, everything is brown and gross.

So how do you stay motivated?

1) Have a gym membership? TAKE.YOUR.GYM.BAG.WITH. YOU. Whether it’s before or after work. Have it with you and go IMMEDIATELY after work or whatever your schedule is. If you have it with you, you can’t make the excuse, “I don’t have my clothes.”

2) Splurge on weather appropriate workout clothes: long pants, an outdoor jacket, headgear, whatever it takes to make you move!

3) Don’t want to go outside or to a gym? That’s perfectly okay, but set aside a space at home to work out. Whether it’s dumbbells, yoga mats, or those stretchy plastic ropes, make a space for it and utilize it.

If you are brave enough to venture outside, remember:

1) dress in layers and protect your hands and feet – always check the forecast

2) if you have any asthma or heart conditions, be mindful of those and your medication – when in doubt, check with your doctor – your doctor can review any special precautions



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