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First off, who has time to hit the gym twice in one day? By the time I get in my morning workout and make it home from an eight-hour workday, all I want to do is put on my sweatpants and watch repeats of Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

I guess that makes me the polar opposite of the driven female New Yorkers mentioned in a recent New York Times article by Courtney Rubin. In the article, “Workouts, Times 2 (or 3)”, these busy women raved about their extreme dedication to fitness, which usually involved an hour-long cycling class followed immediately by an hour-long barre class down the block. This training method was repeated throughout the week, mixing in pole dancing, kettlebell routines, and other popular workouts. One 35-year-old woman admitted to spending $10,000 a year on two-a-days during the week and giving up her Saturdays for marathon workout sessions lasting more than five hours.

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