Holiday weight management tips for surviving the feasting season.

From Halloween through Valentine’s Day, temptations abound.

By Dulce Zamora

WebMD Weight Loss Clinic – Feature

Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD

It happens every year about this time. The air gets nippier, the days get shorter — and your jeans start getting tighter.

Ready or not, feasting season is here — that seemingly endless time of temptation that starts with Halloween candy and continues with Thanksgiving stuffing and pies, merry-making treats, then New Year’s toasts. Even beyond Jan. 1, there are Super Bowl chips and dips and Valentine’s Day chocolates to contend with.

via Holiday weight management tips for surviving the feasting season..

An interesting breakdown on holiday events and food. This article puts things in perspective for the calendar year opposed to the immediate 2-3 week holiday food fest and then striving to maintain normal weight or lose those excess pounds.
Developing SMART short and long term goals can really benefit your diet and exercise plan.