Water Workouts – Winter Session II | City of Galesburg, IL

Hawthorne Municipal Pool

2331 Veterans Drive

Galesburg, IL 61401


BENEFITS OF WATER Add H2O for a splashy water workout and reap the benefits. *Less stress on joints. *Decreased stress and tension. *Water provides a natural resistance. *Increased cardiovascular conditioning and muscle tone. *Increased energy. *Increased muscle tone. *Increased oxygen circulation. *Increased self esteem. *Burn fat calories.

Water Workouts – Winter Session II

January 7, 2013 – February 1, 2013

Fee: $26.00 per session

*Payments must be made the first week of the session.

*Participants must enroll for the entire program session. There are no discounts for ½ of the month.

AQUA-PASS—Best way to pay.

Aqua-Pass allows patrons access to the best rates with more options for less cost. Get moving with this amazing value and you will be on your way to total fitness.

Option for additional savings: A 3-month season pass may be purchased for $75.00 which may be utilized for the September-November and/or December-February time periods. No Refunds.

Aqua-Pass is good for:

*The newest and hottest “pool party” workout, Aqua-Zumba.

*All aqua-fit classes or Learn to Swim

*Lane/Open Swim

Hawthorne Municipal Pool is now more affordable for everyone.

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