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Healthy Refrigerator Storage

Planning ahead for a week of healthy eating is key to reaching your health and fitness goals, as most often we reach for what is available to us to eat. If there is no vibrant, life giving food available, we reach for junk or a quick fix. I LOVE my fridge! Just an hour of prep and organization set me and my boyfriend up for a week of healthy fresh foods.

So I’ll break this post down into three sections, organization and storage tips, daily rituals/routines, and refrigerator/pantry staples in my home to take you one step closer to having the BEST ingredients for success in your home.

Organization/Storage Tips:

You really don’t have to break the bank here, a few simple grabs from the dollar store is all I use to keep things fresh, organized and easy to find.

Mason Jars or Vases: These are great for storing herbs and leafy greens. I store parsley and cilantro in water in a vase, stand asparagus in a smaller mason jar or drinking glass, other herbs like mint and basil in mason jars and use a taller vase or wider mouthed jar to store kale in the door of my fridge. Keeping the ends stored in water will keep these items from going limp and maintain their freshness longer!

Plastic Bins: I keep a couple of plastic bins on hand because my produce always spills over from the crisper drawers. I store carrots and celery submerged in water in one bin and my apples, citrus, pears, ginger and other fruits in a separate one. My one crisper drawer stores things like onions, brussel sprouts, beets and peppers, while the other stores softer more delicate fruits like mangoes.

Glass Tupperware: If you follow my instagram at all you know I like to make fresh juice, so I buy whole pineapples and pre-cut them into glass tupperwares so they are ready to use to sweeten my green juices.

Glass Water Pitcher: If hydration is an issue for you I encourage you add a water pitcher to your fridge organization and infuse water each evening. We’ll get into that more in the rituals section.

Not pictured I also store large veg like cauliflower, cabbage and squash in my refrigerator door and routinely wash, bag and freeze grapes for a quick snack.

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