Fit Learning: Bringing Physical Activity to the Classroom | Together Counts

Teachers are often faced with difficulties keeping students engaged in the classroom throughout the day. Whether it is battling for kids’ attention or motivating them to continue learning, I noticed something could be done in my own classroom to keep my students from becoming restless.

After being inspired by a fellow teacher who engaged her students through movement and whole brain activities, including using yoga balls as students’ chairs, I decided to do my own research into adding fitness into the classroom. I learned that by using Yoga balls as chairs, students release subtle movements which allow them to better focus on completing tasks. All the while, students are improving their posture and exercising their core.

I began using yoga balls in my classroom two years ago and have seen a tremendous change in my students’ engagement and motivation. Even my colleagues followed suit and purchased them for their classrooms. Last year, our grade level also began incorporating pedal bikes during reading centers, a decision well received by students thrilled about the opportunity “to read and ride.”

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