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Growing Lemongrass From a Stalk

Buy a stalk of lemongrass at an Asian market and put it in a clear glass container of water. It should sit in a well-lit place for roots to develop. Roots should sprout in a few days.

The stalk can be planted in a small pot with potting soil when the roots have grown a bit, and the soil should be kept moist to the touch, but not soaked. This can be done inside and the plant can grow a little before being planted in the garden.

The plant should be kept in a well-lit place after potting. When the frost warning has passed, if this is applicable, the plant can go outside into the garden and can be fertilised. Most growers use blood and bonemeal. This plant likes heat and humidity, so growing lemongrass in a hot climate is a successful venture.

If more than one stalk is planted when growing lemongrass outdoors, the stalks should be placed two to three feet apart.

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