Maggie Monday: Vegetable Beef Soup

Looks Delicious!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

For dinner, I think my wife enjoys what I make more than what she makes. Not that the actual quality of food or even menu choices are different, but it comes down to the effort vs satisfaction equation. When I make something, her effort is low (until time to clean up afterward) and the satisfaction is hopefully high. When she makes it, the satisfaction is high but the effort moves somewhere up the scale. There are several times that a recipe is decent but I’ve deleted it from my catalog because the effort was just not worth it. Maggie comments on the effort in a lot of prep work below and give some quick time saving suggestions. Here’s Maggie….  

I love to make soup, and vegetable beef is one of my favorites. For years I tried to make it, and never got it to taste the way I remembered it growing up- beefy, tomatoe-y goodness. I…

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