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Andalusian chickpea and spinach soup

Farmers’ markets are loaded with spinach this time of year, and Martha Rose Shulman, the Recipes for Health columnist, has found that soups can be a great way to draw out the flavor of this superfood. She writes: At a cooking class I taught with my friend and colleague Clifford A. Wright, we demonstrated different versions of the same Andalusian spinach and chickpea soup, a dish that is packed with spinach. Cliff uses lots of olive oil and cooks his for a long time, the way the authentic dish would be produced; I use less olive oil and add the spinach at the end because I prefer the flavor and look of spinach when it’s barely cooked. Preparing for the class, I thought of all the different spinach soups I have in my repertoire. They come from various regions in the Mediterranean Spain, Italy, Provence, the Middle East, from Japan and from China, from France and from Mexico. They range from robust minestrone-type potages with beans or potatoes and lots of other vegetables to light, simple broths, purées and cold soups. There’s so much beautiful spinach in the farmers’ markets now, and though it will soon give way to summer heat, it’s nice to know you can buy it every week and make something different with it each time. If you’re already into hot weather, you’ll appreciate this week’s cold yogurt soup with spinach and grains, which I’ve been polishing off for lunch every day this week. But even the hot soups will work on a warm day.