Loads of Halloween Candy!


Kids can collect a lot of Halloween candy during Trick or Treating. This can create quite a dilemma for parents as they may not want their kids to eat all the candy that they received. Luckily, there are some fun alternatives for the Halloween candy that parents and kids can do together.

  • Candy Experiments—There are lots of fun experiments that can be performed on Halloween candy that are just plain fun. Click on the image to visit a blog with a ton of experiments.Candy Experiments
  • Halloween Candy Buy Back—Is a program that will buy back your kid’s Halloween candy and send that candy to the troops overseas. This program is a win win for everyone. The kids feel great about selling their candy and helping the troops and the parents get some peace of mind not having to worry about their kids eating all that sugar. One dentist in Galesburg is participating in this program, Kandy Sayers.halloween-candy-buy-back-2011