Healthy Food Donations

food driveThe holiday season is upon us! This is the time when the spirit of giving is at its highest. Helping out those in need is one of the greatest gifts and can be done easily through food donations.  When you are preparing to give food donations take one extra step before you buy and purchase the healthier options. By doing this you are actually giving them more than the gift of food. You are improving the quality of their food; helping them stay healthier and stronger this winter.

Here are some healthy foods to donate:


• Canned fruit in light syrup or in own juices

• No sugar added applesauce

• Dried fruits, raisins

• 100% fruit juice

• Low sugar fruit spreads


• Low sodium or “No salt added” canned vegetables

• Low sodium canned tomato products or juices

• Potatoes (white or sweet)—canned or boxed

• Low sodium, shelf stable pasta sauces


• Brown or wild rice

• Whole grain pastas or noodles

• Cereals—Cheerios®, Raisin Bran®, etc…

• Low fat all-purpose mixes

• Plain or low-sugar oatmeal

• Reduced-fat whole grain crackers

• Granola bars

• Low fat graham crackers/animal crackers


• Milk (lower fat)—powdered, boxed or evaporated

• Fat free pudding

• “Velveeta like” cheese


• Packaged, shelf stable, chicken, turkey, salmon or tuna

• Beans—canned or dried

• Low sodium broth or bean soups

• Low fat, low sodium cream soups

• Nuts—unsalted or low sodium

• Peanut butter

Spices/ Other

• Oil—Olive or Canola

• General cooking spices

• Cinnamon

• Chili Powder

• Garlic

• Nutmeg

• Pepper