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A Healthy Diet

Most nutritional labels will say, “based on a 2,000 calorie” because that’s about the average amount that you need a day. To get a more specific breakdown, visit WebMD’s estimated calorie requirements.

If you’re not too sure and all the numbers makes your head spin, just stick with 2,000 calories (unless your doctor says otherwise).

Below you’ll find a breakdown of calories you’ll need from each nutrient in a day from Mayo Clinic.

Carbohydrates: 900-1,300 calories

Proteins: 200-700 calories

Fats: 400-700 calories

Saturated fat: 140-200 calories

Trans fat: try to limit these as much as possible

Cholesterol: less than 200 mg a day

Fiber: around 28 grams a day

Sodium: less than 2,300 mg OR less than 1,500 mg if you’re older than 51

Still not sure? Check out for more info. It’s your daily requirements broken down into portions on a plate.

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